Saturday, March 26, 2011

blue matter

These are pictures of my submission to Challenge 2: Monochromatic.

As a very new quilter (this is my third quilt) this indeed was a challenge. Since I have been drawn to the wide array of blues lately, I thought that would be a good direction to take this project. What started out as a detailed plan for a modern dresden, turned into hundreds of quarter square triangles, stripes and bold borders. When I realized that the dresden plan was not what I wanted, I just improvised using the fabric how I just thought it should go together. There are over 12 different blue fabrics, several different shades of blue thread, and lots of blood (I still get the pins in my fingers sometimes), sweat and tears. Since it seemed like everything I looked at, or thought about was blue, I called this quilt, blue matter. All the blue matter was occupying my grey matter!

Any comments, advice, etc. are very much welcomed!


  1. I really like it. very clean and lovely! it feels like the sea to me.

  2. i keep coming back to look at this quilt all of the time. i just love it. i pinned it to pinterest tonight...