Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stitch me up: Why embroidery is like golf

Welcome to the Stitch Me Up Blog Hop. A thank you to Jane for putting this all together and for Madame Samm for being the ultimate in inspiration. I will tell my tale and show my work below but first please visit these talented ladies.

THURSDAY March 21st

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I have always wanted to try my hand at embroidery (pun intended). The beautiful things I see you and others create inspire me. This blog hop seemed like the perfect time to try...and it was the perfect time.
Many people enjoy the game of golf. They live to play. I respect these people, however from my experience I agree with Mark Twain's notion that golf is a good walk spoiled. Trying to get that little ball into the hole with the different clubs was the most frustrating experience ever for me...until embroidery. Executing the actual stitches was enjoyable. The split stitch and back stitch and I were becoming BFFs. But..threading that needle was another story entirely. It became increasingly difficult to get the beautiful finca pearl thread through my lovely embroidery needle. With each failed attempt my blood pressure rose a little higher. After 35 mins without success, I knew this had to end. Either I gave myself permission to stop...or I stroked out. Instead of feeling like a complete failure (which is my go to in situations like this), I told myself every craft is not for every person.
Below is a picture of what I had completed before I started losing my mind. This precious design from Madame Samm reminded me of my Lillian. Just like this little girl, behind that smile and sparkling eyes is a bit of mischief. I was going to use this on an apron dress for her to wear this summer.
I am disappointed and you probably are, too. Maybe you will have mercy on me and...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share your embroidery needle threading secrets with me so I can try again another day.

I am still very grateful for this experience. More than ever, I am humbled by the talent in our community. Thank you for visiting me.

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Friday, March 1, 2013


Wondering where I have been lately? During QuiltCon, I had the pleasure of rooming with fellow TMQG member extroadinarie, Jenny. She had asked me why I fell off the blog wagon and I told her I had been in a creative rut. She recommended the equivalent of cross training for creative inspiration. We decided to have a daily challenge using a medium neither of us have very much experience with...pastels. Is she smart or what? Every day we are to create a picture using pastels. Other mediums etc are allowed. We are not hard and fast about rules. I see you have your shocked face on.

Day 1 is today and I quickly whipped up, beginnings.

Something pure and amorphous rising from a sea like place at a time of transition, eg, sunrise maybe. Yes, this is a bit clique and amateurish. I am fine with that. It is a new beginning for me. I have never before committed myself to a creative endeavor every day. I am hoping it will lend itself to my quilting, sewing and overall views. Also, it is my hope that this will end up being a visual diary of sorts. Something I can reflect upon as the days move forward. I hope to notice a progression of my techniques towards being more refined and sophisticated. Finally, I hope I can really capture my voice and transparently and fearlessly display it.

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