Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pillow Swap Update

Hooray on all fronts regarding the Triangle Modern Quilt Swap this past Sunday. Jill Lee received my pillow with great enthusiasm. What a relief!

I received a pillow that was equal parts fantastic and cozy! Am I Lucky Ducky or what? As a matter of fact, Colleen at Lucky Duck Dreams, is the artist who made my pillow. Check her out at:

Or at least it used to be my pillow. That was until my 4 year old with very sophisticated taste saw it. She told me she knew the perfect place to put it...

...on her bed of course!

Thanks so much Colleen from myself and from my four year old.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pillow Swap

The Triangle Modern Quilt Guild is having a pillow swap this Sunday. This is my first pillow swap and I am really excited about it. I have just finished my partner's pillow and...what if she does not like it? It is very much my style which one could safely call weird.

Truly, I do not want to disappoint my partner. Should I make a second pillow that is a little less me and a little more mainstream modern? Please advise.