Monday, July 11, 2011

That Old 45 or Why I Hated High School

My latest finished project was a challenge quilt for TMQG. I finished it just 2 hours before last night's meeting. Whew! Participants were given one Robert Kaufman Solids Charm Pack in the Dusty pallet--thank you RKF. We were allowed to use only the colors from the charm pack and one pattern for the quilt top. We had carte blanche for the binding and backing. This quilt is also my first entry to the linky party, Fabric Tuesdays at Quiltstory. The button is on the left. Check it out for lots of recent inspiration!

I called it That Old 45 because it reminded me of 45 records in their protective sleeves. Do you remember 45s? I love music! The first piece of music I ever purchased was a 45 of Our House by Madness circa 1982. You can catch that song and its video here:

Holy cow! Can I be dating myself any more?

The love for this quilt comes from that, and the unrelated fact that this quilt is for my Father-in-law. He is one terrific guy! Hopefully, this quilt will have a rugged, manly feel to it, and he will like it.

The hatred for this quilt comes from having an assignment with confining rules...just like high school. I was a good student, and as such I carried out my quilt assignment on time and obeyed all the rules, despite gnashing my teeth and some choice language shared only with my trusty Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875Q.

Do you remember your first 45? I am speaking about the records, but if you have a great story about a birthday or malt liquor, I would be interested in hearing about those, too!