Saturday, July 28, 2012

QuiltCon Challenge Block

For the first time in almost 2 years, I am proud of something I have made. Like most of my stuff, it is not technically perfect. I do not care. This paper pieced block was designed and created by me. I say that knowing full well that someone else in the history of quilts has probably made this block before, or something like it, but I had not seen it. For the first time, I saw a block in my mind and was able to create it without disaster.

I am sending it in to the Quilt Con Block Challenge. The challenge blocks are to use the QuiltCon colors to represent what modern quilting means to you. QuiltCon colors...check. This block represents modern quilting to me for a few reasons:
1) The orange center is supposed to represent a compass. With social media and technology the world wide quilting community is united.
2) The triangles represent the constant change and evolution of quilting. We are an extension of the women quilters who came before us. We keep their legacy alive and hopefully, we add to it.
3) The different colored lines on each quadrant are to provide a sense of movement. Certainly, the Modern Quilt Guild is a movement. For the skills, the inspiration, the camaraderie, and the creative outlet that the TMQG and the blog world have given to me, I am truly grateful.

piece peace

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The rest

It has been one, hot, busy summer! God bless the inventor of the air conditioner. Yesterday I finished up the rest of my blocks for the Triangle MQG. This has been one great experience for me as it forced me to go outside of my comfort zone. I feel like my skills have improved. They needed some improving.
Here they are:

We have the big reveal at tonight's guild meeting. I sure hope the recipients like the blocks that I have made for them.

Also the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop is still going strong. You can get the list including today's bloggers at Jane's site.

Stay cool and piece peace,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop


Thank you so much for visiting the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop, Day 1. I have 5 blocks to show you.

First up is a pinwheel block with a little star applique to be festive.

Next up is a string block. It looks like a star in the middle to me, but I believe it is called a broken spider web block.

I wanted something that looked nautical so I made this block up. I am pretty sure there is no real flag like this so I am making it the Patricia Flag. No need to pledge allegiance, but feel free to follow my blog. Wink.

This block is called ET Phone Home and it is from Lily's Quilts. It was a fun block to make. You can find it on Lynne's blog.

This is the final block. It similar to the first block, but it has a star and a heart, because I loved participating in this blog hop.

My thanks to Jane and all the other very talented blog stop hostesses. The Red, White and Blue Blog Hop master list can be found on Jane's blog.

Here is the rest of today's Red, White and Blue Ladies:
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Wishing you piece peace!