Friday, March 1, 2013


Wondering where I have been lately? During QuiltCon, I had the pleasure of rooming with fellow TMQG member extroadinarie, Jenny. She had asked me why I fell off the blog wagon and I told her I had been in a creative rut. She recommended the equivalent of cross training for creative inspiration. We decided to have a daily challenge using a medium neither of us have very much experience with...pastels. Is she smart or what? Every day we are to create a picture using pastels. Other mediums etc are allowed. We are not hard and fast about rules. I see you have your shocked face on.

Day 1 is today and I quickly whipped up, beginnings.

Something pure and amorphous rising from a sea like place at a time of transition, eg, sunrise maybe. Yes, this is a bit clique and amateurish. I am fine with that. It is a new beginning for me. I have never before committed myself to a creative endeavor every day. I am hoping it will lend itself to my quilting, sewing and overall views. Also, it is my hope that this will end up being a visual diary of sorts. Something I can reflect upon as the days move forward. I hope to notice a progression of my techniques towards being more refined and sophisticated. Finally, I hope I can really capture my voice and transparently and fearlessly display it.

piece peace

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