Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A love story

Sometimes when two people meet the story is already written. Such was the case for two of my friends in college, Kirsten and Rob. Once Rob met Kirsten he knew she was the only woman for him. I know this because he told all of us including an uninterested Kirsten. Time passed and charming persistence paid off. After graduation Kirsten and Rob married. They have three young beautiful children and a happy life in Sandy Hook, CT.

Call it divine intervention, karma, or luck but my friends left on a family vacation last Friday morning, thus being spared the carnage at Sandy Hook Elementary where all three of their children attend school. As you can imagine they are all extremely traumatized and heart broken right now. I am so grateful that their children were unharmed. As with so many others, I am devastated by what has happened.

This is my daughter, Valerie. She is in Kindergarten and will celebrate her 6th birthday in a few days. The only difference between her and the children who lost their lives in Sandy Hook is geography. She is the love of my love story. I would do anything in my power to protect her.

If you are like me, you want to take some action. You do not want these deaths to be in vain. You want to protect your loved ones. The time to act for gun control is now. Join the Brady Campaign for Gun Control or write your local representatives and tell them that you love your children more than guns!

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  1. Oh my gosh...I'm so happy their children are safe. My heart aches for all those families.