Monday, October 17, 2011


It has been so long since I have posted. There are a few reasons.
1) I took the month of August off.
2) September was really strange.
3) I had not finished any projects that I thought would be of interest.

Sometimes when things get out of kilter, I have to remind myself of the things that keep me sane. Those of you who know me well, realize that "sane" is used in a relative sense. Sewing keeps me sane.

After some self reflection, I came to the acceptance that I am a mother, as a wife, as a sewer, as me.

My formula for getting back some sanity and perspective was:
Depeche Mode + Habitat + Wonder Woman + Binding = Synch

This banner will hang in my sewing room as a reminder for me that I am my most important work in progress.

Pollie the Collie says, "Happy October Everyone!"



  1. EVOLVING perfect sentiment ...I can sew is a wonderful journey, wait and see

  2. Do tell about Depeche Mode....which songs or albums helped? Became a fan back in '86 and have never stopped listening. :) Great banner - Evolving is such a positive word as it speaks of moving forward.