Friday, January 28, 2011

If at first... are unhappy with your brilliant idea for a quilt...cut, cut again.  Quilting must be doing something to me.  If I were cooking, for example, and I had planned a meal, purchased all the ingredients and realized while I was in the process of cooking it, that it was going to be a disaster, my blood pressure would have risen about 20 points and saucy expletives could be heard shooting out of my mouth.  Last night, I was working on my 3rd quilt.  No pattern, just a "brilliant" idea.  After a few hours of cutting and sewing, I decided that this was not at all turning out how I had hoped.  What I experienced was almost zen-like.  I looked at the parts I liked and thought of a way to incorporate them into something different and (hopefully) better that the "brilliant" idea.  Stay tuned as I will add pictures.  Ohm.

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  1. I have this same philosophy! I'm a new quilter, don't use patterns. I also have cut up something I have been working on and used it in a different way than what I had first envisioned. All part of the process. No stress about matching points or ____ for me.

    I'm enjoying your blog.