Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ding dong

In addition to working on my phoenix quilt  ( I am calling that because the pieces needed to be reborn into something remotely to my liking.  Pictures soon <insert crossed fingers here>), I spend each morning visiting my favorite blogs.  Heather Bostic's House of A La Mode is at the top of my list.  You can find her here:

Today there is a giveaway for some super delicious fabric that I would love to get my hands on.  It is
from Little Things by Sarah Fiekle via Lecien.  My family room couch and my tired back are screaming for this fabric to envelop them.  Help a girl out, right?  Or at least help out an ugly couch and tired back?  In order to get two chances to win, I have to comment on Heather's blog (no problem there) and post about it on my blog.  As of yet, I think myself and my dog are the only ones reading my blog, so no sweat.  But...what if Heather were to read it?    Holy cow!  That is like getting the house ready for VIP company.   Heather is the eDiva of Modern Quilt, Gen X Blogging!  What do I do?  I cannot clean the blog site.  Or put out some super smelling Mandarin's Tea Party  soap from Lush in the powder room (I love that stuff).  Or light some candles.  Truly, I am having anxiety over the thought of this.
Any ideas?  Let me know.

Also, check out that fabric at Fat Quarter Shop

or Heather's site

Happy Saturday!

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