Friday, May 25, 2012

TMQG Bee Blocks

The Triangle Modern Quilt Guild was having a swap and I decided, after much trepidation, to try my hand at one. I have never participated in a swap as I do not think anyone would like to receive anything I made. Two blocks in and I am really loving this block swap stuff. It is like a mini creative quilting puzzle. The fabrics and parameters were given and you have to come up with a block.

The first one I did had some super chartreuse, black and white. I was asked to make something with curves and a linear feel. This was a challenge as it was my first (actually my second attempt. I did a test block with my own fabric)at paper piecing. This NYB Block 0 is courtesy of The New York Beauty Quilt Along found on My Go-Go Life

My next swap partner has a love of the flying geese. When I saw this block from Fat Quarterly's own Tacha Bruecher, I knew it was the one. The Meeting Point block can be found in the new book Shape Workshop for Quilters by the Fat Quarterly crew. This book is a fantastic resource for all levels of quilters. It reminds me of a cookbook for quilters. Check it out!

What do you think? Will my swap partners be happy or mortified?

piece peace


  1. Love the blocks! Watch out! Swapping is soo addictive!

  2. Patricia, these turned out so great! I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for each other!

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  4. Your first swap block EVER was a NY Beauty?!? Way to get the ball rolling! Your blocks look awesome - I'm excited to see the rest of yours!